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Frontier Grill

Frontier Grills

Frontier Grill


Frontier Grill


* Stainless Steel Construction - fully insulated.

* Two level cook surface.

* Uses all natural 100% wood pellets to flavor you meat to perfection.

* The convection fan allows the indirect heat to cook without burning your food.

* All drippings and grease are channeled to an outside drip bucket - no flare ups.

* The digital thermostat allows for consistant temperature control. Even novice smokers can produce 'pit master' quality meats. Just plug in the grill and turn to smoke to start. After lighting, set the thermostat to the desired temperature, place your meat on the cook surface and let the grill do the rest. You will enjoy some of the best barbecue available!

Grill Area  640 sq. inches

Unit Weight  180 lbs.

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