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Nestled in the heart of Illinois Amish country, Dutch Valley Meats is a premium supplier and processor of the highest quality products and services. Fresh, Smoked, & Luncheon meats, Poultry, and Seafood are the primary products available at Dutch Valley. Our experienced advice is our key service when you have questions about any of the near 400 items we provide.



At Dutch Valley, it's our mission to continually improve our processes to exceed your expectations when meats are center of your next concourse.



Built in 1963 by the Beachy family, “the shop” has come a far way to what it is today. The original structure was built as a small butcher shop just west of the family’s home. The property was bought by the Chris Helmuth family in 1981. The mid 90’s brought the largest renovation and expansion to Dutch Valley, nearly doubling the facilities square footage. The 2000’s saw the original family home moved from the property.  The house is now a half mile northeast of its original location. In 2016 the business was purchased by long time manager, Loren Yoder. Loren and Ruth Ann Yoder have been at Dutch Valley since 1983. Joining the team in 2015, Seth Gallivan is the next generation of leadership at Dutch Valley. Family colleagues for many years Gallivan and the Yoder’s are the current owners of Dutch Valley.

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