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One Final Look!!!

It's a beginning, always! Transition from steer to dressed beef!

- On Tuesday evening some young cattlemen came to Dutch Valley to see the result of their many hours invested in raising their show steers. Pictured Left to right: Maddox Reedy, Connor Suits, Logan Suits, & Seth Gallivan (DVM).

- These young men got to see and learn about their animal's quality and yield. They also got to see their carcasses side by side for a comparison of the differences amongst their breeds and how they were raised. While the end of the show season can be tough, as young producers part ways with their companions, it's just the beginning of these animals serving their greater purpose. These young men had many questions about the process and were sure eager and excited to learn more about the beef industry! Dutch Valley was excited to host these young men and we look forward to watching them grow!

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