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Ground Beef $3.99#! 25# Minimum. 100# or more for $3.79#.

We're starting the first full week of March with our ground beef sale! It may not last long but this spring weather has us in a frenzy!!! Watch this week for our other instore specials and new items coming from the smokehouse!!!!

Box of 8, 12oz Ribeyes, $60.00!!!! $10/pound, $7.50 each steak! While supply lasts!!

-Steaks individually vacuum sealed!

-Available fresh or fresh frozen!

Steaks, chicken, gift boxes,'s all here!!

  • After much delay, we have our own Homemade Headcheese back in the deli!!!!

  • We also have fresh chicken breasts on sale for $2.99/#!!! 2per pkg, vacuum sealed.

  • The fresh case is stocked with steaks and chops galor for your Super Bowl parties tomorrow!

  • We still have a few Valentines Gift boxes available through next Tuesday!

  • Have a great weekend everyone!

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