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No squeal in this bacon, but not bad for a gobble!

  1. Made of turkey boneless, skinless thighs.

  2. Fresh vacuum sealed.

  3. Approx. 16 slices to the pound.

  4. Only $5.99 per pound!!

Dreary Winter weather calls for warm ovens and hearty meals!

- DVM Homemade, Oven Ready, Ham Loaves! $4.79/#.

- DVM Homemade German Bologna $6.99/#.

- Boneless Choice Rump Roasts $4.99/#.

- Whole Smoked Bone-In Hams $3.59/#.

- Butter Garlic Chicken Breasts $4.99/#.

Our Fresh Frozen 1# Ground Beef! Minimum 25#.

-Major Savings for the first full business week of the year!!!

-Minimum order of 25# for $3.99/#!

-Order 100# or more for $3.79/#!

-Orders must be called in, paid for, and picked up by 1/14/23!

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